Elastics for PPE

Karachi Webbing Company produces a variety of elastics for apparel and medical apparel, as well as for home textiles.

Round Elastic (latex-free)


Surgical masks and hair nets typically have a short usage. They are required to be latex-free to prevent skin irritation over extended usage. Our latex-free round elastic is suited for these disposable medical applications. With a stretch ratio of 3-times, this elastic is also comfortable.

Sizes: 2.5 mm and 3 mm diameter
Material: Polyester with latex-free spandex

Knitted Flat Elastic


Unlike braided elastics, knitted elastic does not narrow when it is stretched. This makes it the ideal elastic for use for fitting protective clothing, cloth masks and N95 masks. Knitted flat elastics are widely used in the apparel industry and come in bulk 1,000 meter packaging.

Sizes: 4 mm to 14 mm
Material: Polyester with rubber