About KWC


Karachi Webbing Company (KWC) manufactures webbings, ropes, cords and narrow fabrics. KWC is committed to quality and meeting specialized applications and custom requirements.

KWC aims to be your preferred supplier for webbings, ropes, cords and narrow fabrics.

Karachi Webbing Company was established in 1991 and its products include curtain tapes, luggage tapes, tow straps and slings, shoe laces, draw strings, twill tapes for garments, stretch tapes and other webbings in polypropylene, polyester, nylon and cotton.

Customers can depend upon KWC to give both quality and manufacturing consistency.

KWC offers a wide variety of narrow fabrics and webbings to fit all sorts of applications in a large variety of patterns, widths, thicknesses, and colors – including customer specified Jacquard designs.

Any style and construction weave can be achieved in any colour combination. We design narrow fabrics to meet your unique requirements.