Karachi Webbing Company offers

Wide variety of narrow fabrics and webbings to fit all sorts of applications in a large variety of patterns, widths, thicknesses, and colors – including customer specified Jacquard designs.

KWC is committed to quality and meeting specialized applications and custom requirements.

Customers can depend upon KWC to give both quality and manufacturing consistency.

Application Areas

Applications of narrow fabrics range from simple, practical purposes to decorative and high-performance applications. Automotive, cargo handling, defense, furniture, luggage, industrial lifting, medical, outdoor/leisure, pet products and saddlery, safety (construction, forestry, mining, oil rigs), toys, and sporting goods are some applications of narrow fabrics, all presenting different requirements.

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Fibre Charachteristics

The variety of characteristics that define a particular narrow fabric are numerous. Material (yarn), construction, width, thickness, weight, strength, elongation, flexibility, flat surface abrasion resistance, and selvedge edge construction are all factors that contribute to defining a particular webbing.

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